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A wide variety of natural health products !

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You have a question about a particular product? You want to chat with a naturopath about a specific problem?

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FREE CONSULTATION with certified naturopaths and herbalists:
1 877 304-0505

Many health problems are linked to an excess of acidity named: ACID-BASE imbalance. Take a look at our VIDEO.   (french only)



  •  Professional grade natural health products
  • 100% natural, pure liquid plant extracts and tinctures with NO additives and NO preservatives, acting at the source of the problem.
  • 4 different ways to serve you:  Purchase online, chat, email, phone
  • FREE telephone consultation
  • Personalized service (you always speak to the same therapist)
  • File opening and health questionnaire at NO CHARGE
  • Fast delivery anywhere in Canada
  • A team of professional and certified naturopaths and herbalists, all members of Canadian recognized associations
  • A toll-free: 1-877-304-0505
  • Thousands of people satisfied