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This formula prevents and helps cleaning circulatory congestion. . It also fights against free radicals.

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NPN - 80035224 

This plant has the effect of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, while causing an increase in the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). These effects are comparable to those of statins (drugs used to lower blood cholesterol). However, the guggal gum does not cause adverse liver and gastrointestinal reactions associated with these drugs.

The hypolipemia activity of the guggal gum could be due to more than one mechanism, including, sequestration of bile acids resulting in a greater excretion of cholesterol, inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis, degradation of cholesterol through an increase in thyroid hormones activity, and alteration of catecholamine levels. In addition, by inhibiting platelet aggregation and increasing fibrinolytic activity, as well as through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the guggal gum may help to reduce further the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Note: During a preliminary comparative study conducted among 20 patients with acne, administration of guggal gum twice a day for 3 months, proved as effective as antibiotics (tetracycline). The authors of this study found that the patients with more oily skin than others had a better response than others to treatment with extract of guggal gum.


Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), ratio 1:5, purified water, 25% natural grain alcohol.

Recommended dosage

30 to 40 drops 3 times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

Cautions and warnings

Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Theoretically, the impact of guggal gum could be added to anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs. A test on animals suggests that guggal gum may stimulate the thyroid.

Adverse reactions

None known.