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Medinat herbal products results from a knowhow of more than 25 years. The effectiveness of our products, entirely Canadian, are based primarily on the choice and quality of plants that goes into their compositions. The high performance of our products is obtained by the level of technical and scientific knowledge achieved by our team of professionals in this field. This is what allows us to develop safe formulas, most appropriate and above all, more effective. Our products are 100% natural, no heavy metals or pesticides.  They do not contain preservatives or additives such as controversial paraben …

Medinat products are a carefully selected blend of herbs which maximize the synergy of the herbs. They are a combination of herbs in one remedy, allowing the main ingredient in the blend to be reinforced by one or more herbs.

Medinat products are designed and manufactured in laboratory with all the guarantees of quality and control established by Health Canada, to offer safe and effective herbal products for your health.

So you can completely rely on Medinat herbal products to get the best quality without compromise.


For thousands of years, the usages of medicinal plants were used to treat various health problems or at least to prevent them. For several centuries, drugs and synthetic chemicals have gained popularity while the reputation of the herbal medicine has declined. However, the role of herbal medicine should not be overlooked: it is through the use of herbs and natural extracts that was the birthplace of modern pharmacology. Thousands of chemicals found in modern pharmacopoeia are derived from plants. After years of trial and error, use and experimentation, we now know more than ever on the chemical properties and curative plants. Why not take advantage of that knowledge to improve your wellbeing?

With genetic manipulation, pesticides, heavy metals, additives and other products harmful to health, it becomes increasingly difficult to find healthy and nutritious food, free from chemicals, processed, synthetic and possibly harmful. Fruits and vegetables we eat today are not like fruits and vegetables our ancestors ate! It therefore becomes imperative to overcome these shortcomings. Natural products are a good supplement to your diet since they help offset any deficiencies or insufficiencies. The herbal extracts and tinctures may help drain or detoxification (toxins) the body with emphasis on the excretory organs: the liver, intestines, kidneys, blood and lungs. In addition, extracts of plants greatly help to balance the acid-base system. In addition, our team of certified naturopaths and herbalists has extensive knowledge of natural health products and provides the best advises on our Medinat products, suited for each condition and tailored to each case.

Purpose of Alcohol in Formulae

Why Use Alcohol?

Consumers are often concerned when they see that alcohol is used in the preparation of herbal tinctures and extracts. Medinat uses pure grain alcohol in the preparation of a number of our herbal products because it is proven to be the best solvent, carrier and preservative for the active ingredients in herbal products.

Safe for Consumption:

The quantities of alcohol used in proper dosages of our products are approved and well monitored as safe for consumption.  Those concerned about consuming alcohol can reduce the alcohol in the preparations by adding hot water to the tincture and allowing the alcohol to evaporate for 5-10 minutes.

Keeping it in Perspective:

The amount of alcohol in a given dose of herbal tinctures with alcohol bases could be compared to that in a single ripe banana

The Label Says It All

We encourage you to read our labels and become an informed consumer.  Our labels provide accurate and complete listings of all ingredients so you can make healthy choices.  You will find nothing but: plants, water, glycerin and/or alcohol – nothing more!

Here’s a definition of the different extraction we have in our products:


A liquid form of natural herbal product in which the active ingredients of the herb(s) have been extracted using water/alcohol with a special low heat saturation process. The ratio of herbs to liquid is usually 1:4 – 1:5
Extracts are low in alcohol (6%) and must be refrigerated after opening.

Extract in Glycerin

Refers to an extract which has been processed using glycerin instead of alcohol. Glycerin-based extracts are completely alcohol free and must be refrigerated after opening.


Tinctures are made with a cold extraction process using water and alcohol or vinegar. The ratio of herbs to liquid ranges from 1:3 up to 1:10. Alcohol content is 40-60%.
Tinctures do not need refrigeration and have an indefinite shelf life.


This is a double extraction. The herb is processed first as a tincture, then as an extract, and then concentrated. Alcohol content is 25-30%.
Tincture/Extracts do not require refrigeration after opening

Here at Medinat we specialize in the formulation of liquid-based herbal products for a reason- we believe that these formulations provide the most rapid and efficient results.

Why Choose Liquid-Based herbal plants?

Simply because it is 3-4 times more absorbable than tablets.  Our herbal products are formulated to release the necessary active ingredients from the herbs that are appropriate for intended use.  It is the absorption of these active ingredients that determine their effectiveness. Our products help prevent the occurrence of a condition and / or relieve a health issue already installed, without fear of side effects. Well chosen, our formulas help to rapidly relieve common problems such as pain from arthritis or rheumatism, stress, overwork, loss of sleep, etc. …

Ease of Administering

When you swallow a capsule or tablet, your body has to digest it first and as most people have digestive problems, the product is not digested properly and does not provide the expected benefits.

Extracts can be put on or under the tongue; they also leave the stomach linings to travel directly to the blood in a matter of seconds. Extracts may also be used as external applications directly on the skin in order to reach the affliction inside the body.

Many people struggle to swallow tablets and capsules.  Our liquid-based herbal products are dispensed by drops directly in the mouth.  They can also be mixed with warm or cold water or natural, unsweetened juice for those who are concerned about taste.


Medinat also distributes other natural health products of professional, high quality grade such as vitamins and supplements.