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Hi, Prior to taking the PH+, INFLAMMO, ESTOMAX and NEUROCALMA+,  I had so much heartburn and reflux, that I was eating TUM’S and all these ”over the counter pill’s” like candy.

Then I called MEDINAT and spoke with a naturopath (very competent) and she talked to me about three things.   1) My diet and she shared with me a chart showing which foods were acidic and those that were alkaline base.  2) my stress level!  So she suggested good breathing and relaxation techniques (along with NEUROCALMA+) and third, the products to replace the Tum’s and all the junk pills.

So now as long as I take the products and take care of my stress level & diet, I don’t have to worry about heartburn anymore.”  Jim A., Sherbrooke, Qc.


Hello,  I’m a customer of Medinat since 2008 and I’ve been suffering from osteo-arthritis for several years.  I have tried SOOOO many things (anti-inflammatory, pain killers) that work’s for a while but the next day, the pain was back again.   I’ve been taking ART, CARTILOS, MSM and SOULAGEX-PLUS now for 4 years and I’m very happy and most of all,  I’M felling GREAT !  My health has improve by 80%.   Thank you for your good services and your great products!  Karen T.  Pointe-Claire, Qc


Hi, I have tried other products to help my swelling and painful knee’s. I have been prescribed costly medications and ointments without benefit and relief. When I tried MEDINAT’s osteo-arthritis products (ART, CARTILOS, SOULAGEX-PLUS , PH+ & MSM)  it gave me immediate relief.  I was amazed as I was told that it may take time to feel the total benefit from the products.  Before using the products, getting up in the morning was difficult due to stiffness and pain, now using these products twice a day, I am able to get up in the mornings and start my day.  Thank you MEDINAT !  Kind regards to my wonderful naturopath !  Maureen B. Montreal, Qc.

I had all the symptoms of prostate enlargement. I had seen doctors and nothing­ helped. Surgery seemed my only remaining­ option. My wife who uses Medinat products now since 2010 (for her insomnia and reflux, make’s wonders for her), suggested I talk with her naturopath.  She suggested me SRM, COMPLEXE URINO and PERFORM and honestly, after 3 weeks, I found relief.   All of my symptoms have disappeared and I feel like a brand new man. I was sceptic at first but when I saw what it did for my wife, I said to myself that I had nothing to lose.  I’m glad I tried these wonderful products.   Thanks to you all and keep up the good work!  Albert G. Ottawa, On.


 Just wanted to say how marvellous your products are, especially the one’s for osteo-arthritis.  Not even my own doctor could prescribe a product that worked for me.  You guy’s are amazing!  Barry K.  Laval, Qc.


Hi, just wanted to say THANK YOU to my wonderful naturopath.  She has been very helpful since day one.  I’m in pretty good shape, eat right but I was SO stressed with my job lately, my nervous system was out of wack.  With her precious advices and some products she recommended me, I slowly started getting better every day.   Now, after 4 months,  I’m feelling much better AND got my life back!  Thanks for everything, you’re the best!  God bless you.  Gina S.  Montreal, Qc.


Hi, I highly recommend MEDINAT, for their wonderful products all natural, no pesticides, no additives….pretty rare these day’s !!!   and their amazing services.  I’ve been a customer for several years now and everytime I call, I alway’s get great service.  The therapists are knowledgeable, they take the time to listen to you,  ask all the right questions (if you take medication, lifestyle, ect….) and MOST of all, they don’t push the sale, which I particularly appreciate.  Thanks to you all !  Jennifer K.  Roxboro, Qc.



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