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As soon as we perceive digestive dysfunction, feeling tired after meals, the frequent need to eat or lack of appetite, in case of digestive disorders or other symptoms such as excess weight, sleep disorder, pain and inflammation, stress, nervousness, depression, skin problems or other symptoms that prevents us from enjoying good health.

Also, to prevent or to verify that food choices are sound, appropriate to their needs. In all these cases, the naturopath can help prevent, recover and restore balance and harmony to improve the quality of life.

Why do a naturopathic health assessment?

The assessment aims to target the overall condition of the individual, his eating habits,  medication, physical activities, general  lifestyle. It also serves to check the various systems such as: nervous, digestive, bone, muscle, joint, glandular, circulatory, respiratory, ect…without forgetting the vital energy, the immune system, genetic background, the functional state of the emotional system etc… The assessment applies to the whole person, considered in its physiological functions, and psychic energy

It basically serves to better know and understand the health of the person, before his illness. This reading, which is NOT a medical reading, done by the naturopath will  highlight the various aspects of health to build on the vital forces of the individual to help them stay healthy (preventive health care, wise food choice, ect.. ), and support its ability to heal itself if necessary ..

At Medinat, we offer a service tailored to your needs. Our free telephone consultation will allow us to draw in the first place, your naturopathic health check and then, advise you properly to help improve your health as a whole.

You can now create your free health check or contact us at 450-258-0505 or toll free at 1-877-304-0505

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